ARCHES and Cambridge International Academics Ltd sign Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen relations and conduct cooperative activities in a global context

Castellana Grotte, Italy – 2 November 2017. ARCHES announced today that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cambridge International Academics Ltd (UK). The Memorandum of Understanding sanctions a broad spectrum of possible collaborations to the benefit of both parties in the field of research and innovation in an international context.

Special emphasis will be given to supporting the necessary processes of change and modernisation in our contemporary society for the benefit of scholars and researchers globally.

This memorandum represents a step forward in ARCHES' strategy to strengthen its presence in Europe and worldwide in the fields of science, technology and innovation (STI).


ARCHES is a private, non-profit organisation specialised in knowledge management and multi-stakeholder networking. In line with the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, ARCHES aims in particular at the creation of knowledge by establishing collaborations with universities and research organisations and by supporting the training of young scientists. ARCHES also acts as an intelligent interface able to connect the global research community with industry and with policy makers at all levels. It offers support to internationalisation processes, particularly in the fields of value creation and sustainable development with a specific focus on India and other emerging economies.

Cambridge International Academics is an R&D company founded and registered in UK. It provides consultancy and performs tailored projects for enhancing the visibility of research themes on a global level. Their target-oriented services cover a wide range of science and engineering sectors. A special focus is on academic research and publishing, early-career researcher development, professional STEM training and events planning.

For further information please contact:

Renato Toffanin