Why support our projects?

In line with with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), at ARCHES we are devoting our ideas and resources to making the world a better place. 

Research projects

In co-operation with our academic and industrial partners, we are carrying out research projects for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. These include research activities in the field of health, environment and renewable energy.

Educational projects
We have started an educational programme to support talented young people interested in pursuing advanced degrees in the area of science and engineering. The first phase of this programme is devoted to India, where ARCHES has established collaborations with several academic centres in various States.

Supporting ARCHES
Why support our projects?
While all efforts are devoted to the advancement of knowledge in specific sectors, our resources are not always adequate to address the many challenges our projects pose.
Financial support is needed to continue these efforts more effectively.
Each donation helps us explore new avenues, and each is an incentive to find concrete solutions for the sustainable development and inclusive growth of our society.

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Support us with your 5 x 1000

Also this year Italian taxpayers can allocate the 5x1000 to ARCHES. If you decide to support our sci…